Thousands of free 3D models
Who are we?

We are designers, gamers, architects, and artists.

Like you, we needed a reliable source of high quality, 3D models. We knew the right model could save us time and money but the wrong one could cost us hours, even days, in additional design time.

Searching for them online was a long and tedious process, too. It’s just not practical when you have a deadline to meet and a budget to stick to.

But, in today’s competitive design market, project-ready 3D models are not something we can go without. We do our best work when we are busy bringing concepts to life - not making up standard models from scratch.

We had to find a better way.

Our story

Before freepolygon, we could spend hours searching for individual 3D models online. With search results ranging from free downloads to near identical models with a hefty price-tag, it was impossible to make an informed decision. We needed a model marketplace where we could easily compare models by quality, before downloading. But it did not exist.

So, how did we choose?

Well, we stuck it out and trawled through poor quality products that were overpriced and, ultimately, not up to scratch. Eventually, we took a chance and made a purchase - only to discover that we had blown our budget on a low-quality model that wasn’t fit for use. So, it was back to the drawing board for us, to start over and design from scratch, instead.

We wanted to create a 3D model library with quality standards. Where all the products are made by professional designers, who value their work as much as we do.

And that’s how freepolygon was born. A place where you can find the 3D model you need, without taking a risk on quality or price.

Today, we use our own library of 3D models here at freepolygon, to render virtual worlds, realize artistic visions and blur the lines between concept and reality.

What makes us different?

Unlike our conventional ancestors, we design and produce each and every one of our models, in-house.

This gives us full control over the quality and cost of our products, so you can always rely on a model that has been held to the same high standards as everything on our platform.

How it works:
  • Thousands of unique 3D models (no duplicates)
  • All 3D models are free (no risk)
  • High quality as standard (no guesswork)
Website copy

Top: Welcome to freepolygon. A revolutionary library of free 3D models. We design everything in-house, to bring you thousands of high-quality 3D models for free. Try us, today.

Medium: We’ll design for you new 3d models, for free! Free 3d models created by professional designers!

Bottom: Thousands of free 3D models. From exhibition stands to campaign-ready marketing 3D models, you will find them at freepolygon. Join the design revolution here.

We’ll design for you new 3d models, for free!

Free 3d models
created by professional designers!