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Free 3D Model of a shell scheme exhibition stand. Download now for free in max, 3ds and fbx formats  Materials: VRay | 3Ds Max Version: 2015 Shell scheme is a term commonly used in the exhibition industry. It's the most common type of stand or booth that exhibitors are assigned when you book a space at an exhibition. To put it simply, a shell scheme consists of a box-style design supported by vertical aluminum poles, held together by aluminum cross poles at the top and bottom. It's important to note that not all shell schemes are the same, each provider will have slight differences in sizes and shapes. When you sign up to an exhibition, the organizer should send you a specification that tells you the type of shell scheme and the sizes. It commonly comes in one-meter breaks or modules (hence why it's described as a modular system) and is arranged by the exhibition organizer. Whilst very basic in their nature, there is a lot that can be done to transform a shell scheme without spending too much. Download hundreds of free 3D models of exhibition stands and event stages


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